It will help you to sow the changes in your life, to connect with Love, Abundance, and Harmony, through the twelve cycles of New Moons and their full moon with rituals, visualizations, and other activities for the twelve cycles of the New Moon.



Discovering the cyclical side of Lunar Time leads us to reveal another psychology of the feminine experience, which pays homage to the exploration of inner space.

Discovering Cyclic Time and the power of Ritual. Venturing to accompany the Moon on his Journey through the Sky will take you to face your own truth.

Women are biologically intertwined with the “Lunar clock”. This rhythmic correspondence represents the unknown Female Kingdom of the Lunar time, a divine inheritance bequeathed to women. Our feelings are related to the passage of the Moon through each of the twelve signs of the zodiac due to a hidden resonance.

The Lunar Journey repeats each moon cycle. Therefore, our emotions and personal issues can be anticipated. Knowing and integrating these, Alchemy provides us.

We need for our healing. Understand the role of the Moon on the mood, behavior, and female psychology gives us a key to open the door to our inner world and begin a process of revolutionary self-discovery.

And this Journey will help us connect with our archetypal weave through of the ritual, meditations, and other activities, following Grandmother Moon, in her Journey dancing through the Sky.